Union Elementary

Congratulations to our PERFECT ATTENDANCE Recipients!!

Throughout Upshur County, our students work diligently to achieve greatness. Hard work, dedication, and a love for learning are the drivers that create great leaders of our future. Union Elementary School is honored to recognize Perfect Attendance recipients for the 2019-2020 school year. To achieve Perfect Attendance, students attend all instructional minutes of the school day throughout the entire year. These individuals, as well as many others, have displayed a commitment to their learning and we are honored to recognize them for their efforts.


Perfect Attendance Award recipients include:

Bryson Hinchman, son of Michael and Edna Hinchman

Elizabeth Hurst, daughter of Matt and Stephanie Hurst

Isaac Fernandez, son of Mickey and Sally Treadway

L Raschella, daughter of Nicholas and Theresa Raschella

Isaac Huffman, son of Jenny Huffman

Mark “Daeus” Pugh, son of Mark and Ashley Pugh

Matthew Peters, son of Gregory and Jocelyn Peters

Laurel Williams, daughter of Camden Williams and Jeff and Carol Everson

Students of today, become leaders of tomorrow.